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Mobile Hydration Therapy

Our Mission

We are a healthcare concierge service that provides members and employers with a single point of access for all their needs. Our take on healthcare services is to provide the best quality care in the most efficient way possible. We are a hybrid house call, telemedicine, and in clinic model with one and only one goal in mind: To provide a hassle-free experience.

Hybrid House Calls

We offer convenient urgent & primary care that you can get, whenever and wherever you need it. We deliver our services on demand, straight to your home.

  • UrgentCare2go House Call
  • Annual Labs & Physicals
  • Discounted On-Site Labs, Medications & Specialist Pricing
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Unlimited Virtual Care

VirtualCare2Go allows you to communicate with your doctor remotely and enjoy the convenience of setting appointments. Renewing prescriptions and messaging your provider anytime. As our member, you can be assured that we'll remind you when you're due for screenings, vaccines or follow-up visits so you don't have to keep track!

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In-Clinic Appointments

With a membership, you will be able to come in-clinic at Zeal-To-Heal once a month and receive complimentary preventive & urgent care visits.

  • Annual Blood Work & EKG
  • Healthy Heart Program
  • Cancer Screening
  • Weight Management Program
  • COVID-19 Care
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Mobile Hydration therapy

For our members IVTherapy2Go benefit allows our Doctors to administer IV Fluid to Patients with dehydration, gastroenteritis, and other medical conditions. This benefit can prevent our members from ER utilization for minor conditions that can be treated with IV Fluids in the comfort of their home.

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Membership Pricing


$99/month ($200 Initiation Fee)

Discounted Labs
& On-Site Medications

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Personal Plan


$179/per vist

Labs & Medications Not included

Steriod Injection

(Injectable Meds)

$5 $80

Strep Test

(Rapid Test)

$5 $99


(Oral Meds)

$1 $10



$5 $80


$150 $300

Flu Vaccine

(Injectable Meds)

FREE $99

Get the best prices for your labs, test, prescriptions and specialist care. Our Membership is guaranteed to save you hundreds of dollars each year.

When a life is on the line, the best care has to always be available.

Hybrid House Calls • Unlimited Telemedicine • In-Clinic Appointments • IV Therapy • Annual Labs

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